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COMMUNICATIONS group Eircom is on a mission to cheer up blue January with their team of "eVisionaries" to mark their new TV service.

The company rolled out €10-a-month TV late last year and the new marketing campaign will remind the public of the offer as well as spreading acts of kindness.

Yesterday, the eVisionaries did a conga line across the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin.

Members of the public who take a few minutes out of their day to "shake up" January with the eVisionaries may even be rewarded with a voucher for a brand new TV, €10 or a treat, such as a free lunch, coffee or a bunch of flowers. eVision offers 34 channels and comes with a free eVision+ set-top box which includes 240 hours of recording space.

It also has a pause and rewind live TV option and can record two channels at the same time with its one touch record feature.