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Teen's 'Trojan' app dupes Apple

A 15 year-old boy duped Apple by creating a 'Trojan' iPhone app that allowed users to connect to the internet for free.

Nick Lee designed a Handy Light app which at first glance appeared to allow users to change the colour of their screen. It was charged at less than a dollar to upload on App Store.

However, the app contained a hidden code that allowed people to use their iPhone as a 3G modem.

To do this through the iPhone's programmes there is a monthly fee but the new programme allowed users to access online information without paying.

The "tethering app" was pulled from iTunes as soon as news of its true nature appeared online. Those who downloaded it, however, can keep enjoying its benefits.

One online commenter who downloaded the app before it was removed said: “I’m going to use this little gem of an app to my heart’s content.

"I’m typing on it now, and I’m going to see just how much data I can use all afternoon. I was able to get download speeds of roughly 2.5 Mbps.”

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