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Teens sever victim’s hand with machete

A MAN has had his hand severed in a machete attack in Dublin today.

The shocking incident occurred at Cedarbrook Avenue in Ballyfermot at around 2am.

The 23-year-old’s right hand was almost entirely hacked off in the incident and he is being treated - along with an associate - for serious injuries in Tallaght Hospital.

“This was an extremely serious assault. The victim is likely to lose his hand,” a source told the Herald.

Gardai arrested two young men shortly after the incident and they are being questioned today at Ronanstown Garda Station.

The man whose hand was almost severed in the attack is well known to gardai and he is due to be sentenced later this year in relation to a massive heroin seizure in the Ballyfermot area.

Sources say that gardai are probing whether this drugs bust – which happened last year at the teenager's home – is a possible motive for this morning's attack.

“The drugs issue has to be looked at but it could also have been a row that got out of hand,” said a source.

“The victim is facing a long custodial sentence and he could have been attacked because he was caught with so much drugs that he has no means of paying for,” the source added.

The suspects who have been arrested are part of an “up and coming” local gang of young men who have been “hiring themselves out as enforcers” for local drugs gangs.

“These individuals, in their late teens, have been causing huge concern lately. They are offering their services for money. These services have involved shooting up houses or giving people hidings,” the source explained.

“But last night's incident is the most serious by far that they have been involved in.”

This morning the scene was sealed off by gardai pending a forensic examination by members of the technical bureau.

One Garda evidence bag was placed over what are believed to be bloodstains on the a banister rail leading from an apartment on Cedarbrook Avenue.

A second evidence bag covered a section of the ground in the car park nearby.

The Cedarbrook development is mainly duplex and townhouse apartments.

“Everyone just keeps to themselves – there is not much interaction with other residents,” said one man leaving for work this morning.

Meanwhile, in a separate knife incident in the city, a man was stabbed twice in the stomach on a north Dublin beach packed with children.

The incident occurred at Portmarnock beach yesterday afternoon.

Gardai asked the Coast Guard to give medical assistance. The man was stabilised and then taken to hospital by ambulance.