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Teens rescue trapped pups Thelma and Louise from pipe


Connor McAuley and Emmet Russell with their new friends

Connor McAuley and Emmet Russell with their new friends

Connor McAuley and Emmet Russell with their new friends

Two teenage boys rescued a pair of puppies after they were abandoned in a freezing concrete pipe.

Connor McAuley (14) and Emmet Russell (13) were alerted to the puppies' plight by the animals' cries beside the Boyne in Drogheda, Co Louth.

The two went down to the pipe to check it out and then worked together to save the puppies.

"We were walking home from the park and in front of the skate park we heard squealing from the pipes," said Connor.

They saw the dogs stick their heads out of the pipe.

"We went down to get them up and other friends helped," said Connor.

Emmet added: "There was a little ledge and they were standing on it, so I hopped down and handed the puppies up to Connor."

They wrapped the pups - both females, now named Thelma and Louise - in their jackets and took them to Connor's house.

"They arrived back with the puppies and they were freezing," his mother Pauline said.

The boys wanted to keep a dog each and Connor, whose birthday fell on the day of the rescue, was hopeful.


However, Pauline had to say no as the family already owns dogs.

With Connor's sisters Lauren (18), Isabella (8) and Ivy-Beth (2) helping, the pups were washed and fed.

"I am very proud of both boys," Pauline said.

The pups are in the care of Drogheda Animal Rescue (DAR) and DAR volunteer Lisa Martinez said they were not micro-chipped.

They are believed to be about four months old and a collie/pit-bull cross.

Ms Martinez hailed the boys for their good deed.

"The pups probably had not been in that pipe for very long so it was fortunate the boys came across them when they did. They are heroes," she said.