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Teens mugged head shop man

TWO teenagers who mugged a man for drugs he bought in a Dublin city centre head shop have been remanded on bail.

The boys, aged 17 and 15 years pleaded guilty at the Children's Court yesterday to attempted robbery of the man (20), at Trinity Street.

The court was told that the man had bought products from the Nirvana head shop, on South William Street, and was allegedly followed and mugged by the boys and an adult male. Judge Catherine Staines adjourned sentencing until September.

Teen hysterical at garda search

A "HYSTERICAL" teenager, who attacked a garda because he was angered that his home was repeatedly searched, has been been given more time pay €200 in compensation to the officer.

The 17-year-old boy pleaded guilty at the Children's Court earlier this month to assaulting Garda Seamus Dolan,on October 17 last year, in Raheny, Dublin.

Yesterday, Judge Catherine Staines noted that the boy had brought €100 to court. She adjourned sentencing the boy, who is on bail, until September.

Terror in flight turbulence

Passengers were thrown from their seats, drinks flew through the cabin and oxygen masks dropped from overhead when a jetliner took a harrowing drop amid severe turbulence on a flight.

One passenger was left drenched in tomato juice in the turbulence that hit just after United Airlines flight attendants finished drink service. One woman hit her head against the ceiling.

At least 22 people were hurt on the flight from Washington to Missouri.

Metal detector treasure find

A treasure hunter with a metal detector found a huge hoard of Roman coins from the third century.

The 52,000 coins from the third century were buried in a jar near Frome, Somerset.

Dave Crisp left them in the ground for archaeologists to excavate.

He said: "It was a very hard decision to take but as it had been there for 1,800 years, I thought a few days more would not hurt.

"My family thought I was mad to walk away and leave it."