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Teens accused of charity scam

TWO 14-year-old boys harassed and intimidated elderly residents in a north Dublin suburb into giving money to a bogus charity, a court has heard.

The schoolboys are accused of running a scam in Drumcondra and were brought before the Dublin Children's Court accused of deception.

The teens have been charged with inducing an elderly man to donate to a charitable organisation for their own gain. They have also been accused of running an unauthorised charity collection, on March 11 last.

Judge Smyth remanded the boys, both from Dublin, on bail to appear again on a date in May.

Dutch woman in terror arrest

Dutch authorities say a woman has been arrested in Amsterdam on suspicion of financing terrorism.

Prosecutors say the woman, whose name and nationality were not released, was arrested after a tip from the Dutch intelligence agency.

She is suspected of having collected money and sent it abroad for "violent jihad".

Digital memory devices were seized in a search of her house.

Two die after Mexico quake

Two people caught in this week's 7.4-magnitude earthquake in southern Mexico have died.

One of the victims died from injuries caused by a wall falling on him and the other died of complications for a heart attack suffered during Tuesday's quake.

The earthquake was centred near the border between the southern states of Guerrero and Oaxaca, causing about 60 houses to collapse.

Palace looted in Mali coup

Drunk soldiers looted Mali's presidential palace hours after they declared a coup in the troubled African country.

The whereabouts of the country's 63-year-old president Amadou Toumani Toure, who was just one month away from stepping down after a decade in office, could not be confirmed.

The soldier leading the mutineers said on state television that Mr Toure is "doing well and is safe".