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Teenager who spat on garda car now has to wash it for six months

A teenager who spat on a garda car after yelling abuse at a garda will now have to hand-wash the vehicle for the next six months.

A judge has told Jonathan Buckley (19), of Gallen View, Ferbane, Co Offaly, he will have to use a sponge to wash the town's squad car each week.

Athlone District Court heard that Buckley committed the offences in Gallen View after attending a house party last January.

He was heavily intoxicated in public at 2.15am on January 5 and was then ordered by a garda to leave the area.

Inspector Nicholas Farrell told the court that as Mr Buckley walked away, he called the garda a "f***ing pig" and "w*****."

He said he would "break every window in town" and then kicked and spat at the patrol car.

Buckley's solicitor, Padraig Quinn, said his client had "far too much to drink" on the night and he accepted that his behaviour was out of order.

"Is there a squad car in Ferbane?" asked Judge Seamus Hughes.

Inspector Farrell said there was, and this prompted the unusual punishment.


Addressing Buckley, Judge Hughes said: "For the next six months I want you to wash the garda squad car once a week.

"Use a sponge, hose it down, do it nicely and have it done in about 15 minutes.

"That might eventually remove the taint of your spittle from the vehicle."

Jotting down a note of his sentence, the judge repeated that he wanted Mr Buckley "to wash and sponge the garda patrol car or cars -- in other words if there's more than one and the gardai want you to wash the other one as well you must do it" for up to a maximum of 30 minutes each time.

The case was then adjourned to Athlone District Court on November 2 for an update.