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Teenager robbed, held down and beaten as friend is sliced by knife


Killian Nally

Killian Nally

Killian Nally

A TEENAGER has told how he was beaten up and mugged for his mobile phone while his friend was slashed.

Killian Nally (14) is recovering from his ordeal after he and his friends were set upon by a gang in west Dublin.

The incident is just one of a number of similar phone thefts this week in the Lucan and Clondalkin areas.

Killian told the Herald he was sitting in a green area of Beech Park estate in Lucan with three friends when he was approached by four strangers "looking for the time".

When he produced his iPhone 5 to check the time, he was attacked by two members of the group who robbed the phone.

One man tripped Killian while the other punched him in the head until the teen released his iPhone.

One of his friends attempted to rescue him, but was then targeted by one of the four assailants, who cut him in the upper body with a knife.

The injured youth was taken to Tallaght hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and received stitches.

"It was a bit scary. They stood behind us and we began to feel really uncomfortable," Killian told the Herald.


"We got up to leave because they were standing behind us and we started heading for the shops when they approached us again," Killian said.

"When they knocked me down they punched me in the side of the head while another one of them pulled the phone off me.

"They went to stab my friend but they sliced him," he added.

After the gang stole the mobile phone, they fled the area.

Distressed and confused at what to do next, Killian and his friends sought the help of a nearby resident, who called gardai and an ambulance.

Killian's dad, Paul Nally, said that it was "every parent's worst nightmare" to hear that their child had been attacked.

"I'm just glad he's okay, especially when there is a knife involved; with these things it is just a matter of inches," he said.

It is understood that this is one of a spate of muggings in the past week, including an incident in a playground near Adamstown Community College in Lucan.

Another 14 year-old-male was approached by four men who stole his phone.

Gardai believe this incident to be connected to the robbery and assault in Beech Park. Investigations are continuing.