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Teen who went drinking after lockdown got 'out of his depth'


Jordan McDonagh tried to run away after abusing gardaí

Jordan McDonagh tried to run away after abusing gardaí

Jordan McDonagh tried to run away after abusing gardaí

A teenager who tried to make "a run for it" after hurling abuse at gardaí had gone drinking after two months of lockdown and got "out of his depth".

Jordan McDonagh (18) "panicked" when he tried to flee gardaí in the city centre incident.

Mr McDonagh, of Suncroft Drive, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to public intoxication, threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour, and garda obstruction.

Judge Colin Daly said he would strike the charges out if the accused made a €200 charity donation, and adjourned the case.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at Grafton Street on May 21.

Gardaí were on patrol at 10.30pm when they saw the accused in a highly intoxicated state and "attempted to engage" with him.

He became verbally abusive and tried to run away when gardaí went to arrest him.


In relation to the obstruction charge, there was no suggestion the accused became physical, his solicitor Michael Kelleher said.

"He panicked and made a run for it," he said.

"It was after a number of months of lockdown, he was drinking with some other males and got quite out of his depth," Mr Kelleher told the court.  

Mr Kelleher added that the accused had taken the case seriously and his father was in court with him.

"There is a general understanding of the inappropriateness of his behaviour on lots of levels," Mr Kelleher said.

Mr McDonagh was not working and was in receipt of the Covid payment.

Judge Daly adjourned the case to a date in January and said he wanted the accused to undertake alcohol awareness and make a €200 donation to charity.