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Teen turned heroin dealer

SENTENCING of a teenage boy forced to sell heroin to pay off a drug debt has been adjourned at the Dublin Children's Court.

The boy, now aged 16, had pleaded guilty in November to possessing heroin, with a street value of €430, for sale or supply, in Ballymun, in north Dublin, on a date in July, 2010.

Judge Bryan Smyth noted that the teenager had not come to garda attention since.

Judge Smyth remanded the teenager to appear again in June when an updated probation report is to be furnished to the court.

Five cops killed after hiding out

Gunmen killed five local police officers in the border city of Ciudad Juarez a day after they left hotels where they had been staying since last month for protection.

Two other officers are wounded. They were attacked during a gathering at the house of a female police officer who is among the dead.

The city's 2,500 police officers were ordered to stay in hotels in February after attackers killed five officers and then messages signed by the New Juarez Cartel appeared threatening to kill an officer a day unless the police chief resigned.

Dive to rescue Apollo engines

For more than four decades, the engines that powered the Apollo 11 mission towards the moon have rested in the sea. Now internet billionaire and space enthusiast Jeff Bezos wants to raise at least one of them to the surface.

An undersea expedition spearheaded by Bezos used sonar to find what he said were the F-1 engines located 14,000ft below the Atlantic.

The Amazon.com boss and founder said he was drawing up plans to recover the sunken engines, part of the mighty Saturn V rocket that launched Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on their moon mission in 1969.

Death penalty back in Japan

Japan hanged three mass murderers early today, the first executions there in almost two years.

There are 132 inmates on death row in Japan.

Japan and the United States are the only leading developed nations to carry out the death penalty.