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Teen tried to steal motorbike

A TEENAGE prowler caught trying to steal a motorbike will be sentenced in April.

The 16-year-old Dublin boy pleaded guilty yesterday to criminally damaging the motorcycle, trespassing, possessing a bolt-cutter for use in a crime, and getting on the vehicle without permission.

The boy was caught after gardai identified him through CCTV footage, the Dublin Children's Court heard.

The footage showed the boy and another male entering the Custom House Harbour Apartments complex in Dublin. He was carrying a bolt-cutter and tried to cut a chain off the bike.

Judge Ann Ryan said a probation report on the schoolboy needed to be obtained.

Soldier shot pal to cure hiccups

A US soldier has admitted killing his friend accidentally while trying to scare away his hiccups.

Officials at Fort Hood, Texas, said Spc Patrick Myers, of Spartanburg, South Carolina, was sentenced by a military court to three and a half years in a military prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Myers shot Pfc Isaac Young (22) in September while they were watching a football game. Myers told police he thought the weapon had dummy rounds and was trying to scare his friend to stop his hiccups.

Firework truck in explosion

A LORRY carrying fireworks for the Chinese New Year celebrations exploded on a highway bridge, killing at least 26 people as it sent vehicles plummeting to the ground.

The blast destroyed a section of the bridge outside the city of Sanmenxia, China.

Emergency crews closed the road at the accident site, said China National Radio.

Jailbreak man goes for a beer

A US man arrested for assault escaped from a police station holding cell -- then stopped off for a pint.

Police in Washington County said they were processing Timothy Bonner (40), and had removed his handcuffs and put him in the cell, when he knocked the cell door off its hinges.

Bonner went to Richy's Bar, where a customer said he admitted breaking out of jail and asked for a beer.