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Teen threw bottle at mechanic who died in shooting

A TEENAGE boy has been released under supervised probation for pelting eggs at a house and throwing a bottle at its owner, who was fatally shot during the same incident, in Dublin nearly two years ago.

Widower and father-of-one Aidan O'Kane (50), a mechanic, died following a row with teenagers near his home at Shelmalier Road in East Wall, Dublin on December 7, 2008. He was fatally wounded in the stomach in a laneway between Shelmalier Road and Bargy Road, not far from his home.

A 17-year-old boy pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to threatening, insulting and abusive behaviour with intent to provoke a breach of the peace at Shelmalier Road on December 4 and December 7, 2008. He was also charged with being intoxicated to the extent of being a danger to himself and others on the latter date.

Detective Garda Bob Wilson told Judge Bryan Smyth that "the accused was with a number of youths who obtained a bag of eggs and proceeded to a house on Shelmalier Road".

"Eggs were thrown at it, the owner's son came out to seek those responsible, and later the owner confronted those youths in a laneway off Shelmalier Road," he said.

"As he confronted them, the accused put up his hand and threw a bottle at the owner of the house and fled out of the area on to Church Road."

He said the man was "subsequently shot dead, not by this accused".

Defence solicitor Sarah Molloy told Judge Smyth that in recent weeks the boy has stopped associating with the people he had been during the incident. Since a recent stabbing in his area, he has been spending more time indoor with his mother and is "anxious to stay out of trouble and extricate himself from this kind of lifestyle".

Judge Smyth said he would follow recommendations in a pre-sentencing report to place the teenager on supervised probation for six months.

The probation conditions mean the teenager will have to follow the directions of his probation officer, attend a training course and a youth club, not reoffend, and continue attending a facility which assists young people with alcohol or substance misuse related problems.