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Teen 'set fire to a petrol pump'

A YOUTH allegedly risked killing or seriously injuring other people by igniting a petrol pump, a court heard.

The teen, who was 17 and a juvenile at the time, has been charged at the Children's Court with endangerment of life by "holding a naked flame to a nozzle of a petrol pump" at a Maxol petrol station, on the Crumlin Road, on July 26 last.

The charge also alleges that he "created a substantial risk of death or serious harm to others".

The DPP directed that the case should only be kept in the Children's Court if he pleads guilty. He was remanded on bail for three weeks.

Rebels die in raid shootout

SIX suspected Maoist rebels were killed by police in a shootout.

Another 10 were injured in the clash in eastern India.

A police spokesman said that the rebels attacked government forces approaching a house where the rebels were hiding.

The incident happened in a village nearly 125 miles north of Patna, the state capital.

'Yankees' want coup -- Chavez

President Hugo Chavez has accused his political opponents of trying to divide the military as part of a broader plan aimed at spurring a Libya-like uprising in Venezuela.

Mr Chavez said such a conflict would give Washington a justification to lead a military invasion of Venezuela following next year's presidential election.

"They want to divide the armed forces," said Mr Chavez, referring to Venezuela's opposition. "The Yankee empire, the CIA and the State Department is behind them."

Man jailed for burning puppy

A man has been jailed for rubbing alcohol on his family's puppy and setting it on fire in front of his children.

John Fleet III was sentenced to two to seven years in prison after pleading no contest to animal cruelty, child endangerment and corrupting a minor in Philadelphia.

He told a judge that he was under stress and "took it out on the dog". The plea deal bars Fleet from contact with his children.