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Teen jailed in motor offences

A 16-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy agreed to being held in custody after he was charged over robbery and motor theft offences.

The teenager was charged with damaging a car in north Dublin on August 3; travelling in a stolen vehicle on the same date; robbery of €130 from a shop, at College Green, Dublin, on October 15; and he is also charged over a motor theft, in Ballymun, on November 12.

Defence solicitor Gareth Noble said the teen was not seeking bail.

At Dublin Children's Court, the teen was remanded in custody for one week.

Blaze murder charges in Oz

A NURSE accused of starting a deadly fire at a nursing home in Sydney, Australia, now faces eight charges of murder.

Prosecutors had added four more murder counts against Roger Dean, who worked at the Quakers Hill Nursing Home, it was reported.

Four elderly residents died in last Friday's blaze and five more died in hospital later. Police are still trying to determine what caused the death of one of the residents.

'Sea of fire' palace threat

NORTH Korea threatened to turn Seoul's presidential palace office into a "sea of fire" today, after the South conducted huge military drills near a front-line island attacked by the communist state last year.

South Korea mobilised aircraft, rocket launchers, artillery guns and naval boats for the first anniversary of the artillery attack on a military garrison and fishing community on Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea.

Two marines and two building workers were killed in the attack.

US superhero is off the hook

Authorities in Seattle, Washington, have decided not to press charges against a self-proclaimed superhero accused of assaulting several people with pepper spray.

Ben Fodor, who wears a black mask with yellow stripes and a bulging muscle bodysuit and calls himself Phoenix Jones, was arrested on October 9.

He said he was coming to the aid of people involved in a brawl outside a Seattle nightclub.