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Teen 'groomed to go thieving'

A 15-year-old girl who was groomed by relatives to steal has been remanded on continuing bail, pending sentence at the Dublin Children's Court.

Judge Clare Leonard adjourned the case until April for reports from the probation Service and the HSE.

The south Dublin teen has pleaded guilty to stealing two bags of coal from Eurospar, in Ballymun, in Dublin, on November 25 last and five other shoplifting incidents in which she stole perfume, groceries, a baby's car seat and nappies, at different locations in Dublin, over the last year.

Earlier in the case, Judge Bryan Smyth said: "Maybe older people are using and grooming her to carry out these offences."

Parades are key to North talks

A compromise deal to resolve contentious parades could hold the key to a breakthrough in talks to save Northern Ireland's powersharing government.

The crunch summit at Hillsborough Castle, Co Dow, chaired by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Taoiseach Brian Cowen began on Monday after the row between the Democratic Unionists and Sinn Fein over the stalled devolution of policing powers escalated to crisis point.

The DUP is demanding an end to the Parades Commission which currently oversees marches in flashpoint areas.

Teen is buried alive by gang

A Mexican college student said he dug himself out of a shallow grave after six assailants beat him and buried him alive in northeastern Mexico.

Nursing student Juan Manuel Encino (19) said the attack happened after a girl he knew invited him to a party in Coahuila State then lured him into a cemetery supposedly to talk about forming a rock band.

Coffee spiked at Harvard

Elite US university Harvard said a four-month investigation into possible coffee poisoning at the medical school failed to turn up any suspects.

Police interviewed 150 people during the probe. The school later determined the coffee was laced with a toxic chemical used in school labs.