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Teen girls 'slap on the wrist' after Drimnagh attack

NO CHARGES will be brought against two teenage girls involved in events leading up to the horrific Drimnagh screwdriver murders.

The 15-year-olds, who a witness said struck murdered man Pawel Kalite in an incident before he was stabbed, were issued with a 'slap on the wrist' after the DPP decided not to prosecute them.

The pair, one of whom texted double killer David Curran (19) about a "mad nite" shortly after the killing, were dealt with under the juvenile liaison officer (JLO) system.

As Curran was charged with and later convicted of murder, they were simply warned about their future behaviour.

Senior garda officers had sought a direction from the Director of Prosecutions as to what criminal charges should be brought against the pair involved in the events leading up to the double screwdriver stabbing of Pawel Kalite (29) and Mariusz Szwajkos (27).

They were informed that as the trio were juveniles they should be dealt with under the JLO system.

This involves a Juvenile Liaison Officer -- there is one attached to each major garda station -- meeting with the offenders in the company of their parents or "responsible adults".

They are given essentially a "headmaster lecture", warned about their future behaviour and placed under supervision of the officer.

He or she is charged with paying regular visits to the parties involved and endeavouring to steer them away from their past associates and habits.

The two girls were seen hitting Pawel Kalite a few "hard slaps" by another Polish man, Radek Szeremeta, who shared the house with the two victims.

They got involved in the initial row outside the chipper on Benbulben Road in Drimnagh, when the teenage boy "bumped" into Pawel, igniting the whole series of events.

The 15-year-old girls, who were carrying a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka on the public street at 6.30pm, got involved and one admitted jumping on his back.

Then followed the fatal attack when a group of teenagers arrived outside the home of the Polish men, led by David Curran, armed with a screwdriver.

Following the savage attacks there was evidence of phone traffic between one of the girls and the murderer, Curran.

"Ha, ha, but I can't believe it. mad nite xxx" one of them texted.

He followed that message by telling her: "F**k it. Delete message. Get a new number tomorrow".

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