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Teen girl (16) run over by bus after being hit by car

A Russian teenager was killed instantly when she was struck by a car then run over by a bus as she dashed across a dual carriageway, an inquest heard.

Sofiya Poberezhnaya (16) suffered multiple injuries in the accident on the N11 dual carriageway at a junction at Lower Kilmacud Road and Stillorgan Park in Stillorgan, south Dublin, on September 27 last year.

Dublin Coroner's Court heard that Sofiya, whose family live in Moscow, was in sixth year at the Institute of Education on Leeson Street. She was staying with the O'Leary family in Kilmacud.

Gary O'Leary told the inquest she had stayed back after school to catch up on her studies and was returning home when the accident happened.

Sofiya travelled on the 145 bus and got off at a stop past the junction. She then walked to the back of the bus with two other passengers, including Ronan McGovern.

He told the court that he felt the road was sufficiently clear to cross to, at least, the halfway point. Sofiya, who was to his left, also crossed at the same time. Mr McGovern said he then noticed a car coming towards them that he felt was going too fast for him to make it across.


"I took a small step back but the girl to my left didn't step back but instead jumped ahead and was instantly hit by the car.

"I remember her head hitting the windscreen after she thumped the bonnet of the car and bits of glass flying into my face," he said.

The driver of the car, Jonathan Goodwin, did not see her before she was struck.

Sofiya was thrown into the air following the impact and hit the side of a Dublin Bus before landing in front of it, just as it was moving off.

"I saw the right-hand side wheel run over her," said Mr McGovern.

The teenager was run over by the front and rear wheels of the bus. Bus driver Paul Mohan said he was moving the bus into the road when he heard a "loud bang and felt a vibration on the right side".

She was pronounced dead at the scene. At post-mortem the cause of death was given as multiple injuries.

Sofiya was wearing dark clothing which may have lessened her ability to be seen.

She was also wearing headphones which may have affected her ability to hear approaching traffic.

The inquest heard that temporary cones have been put in place to direct people getting off buses back to the pedestrian crossing.

The jury returned a verdict of death by misadventure.