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Teen faces sex attack charges

A TEENAGER charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Dublin in March should be sent forward for trial before a judge and jury, the DPP has recommended.

However the 17-year-old is seeking to have his case retained in the Children's Court, which has lesser sentencing powers.

The boy, of Co Wicklow, was charged last month with sexual assault of a woman in Blackrock, on March 21 last.

He is also accused of the theft of a f50 note, a sim card, and f10 in coins, from the woman, on the same date.

The boy was remanded on bail to appear again next month, when the issue of jurisdiction is to be decided.

Bush sails into spot of bother

Former President George Bush Senior's fishing boat ended up high and dry on a beach near his Maine home after it ran aground in thick fog.

Fidelity IV became a curiosity for tourists as it sat stranded on Goose Beach at low tide before it was moved to its dock.

The former president and some family members were aboard when the boat ran aground. No one was hurt.

Still fun to stay at the YMCA

The Village People will not be changing their hit song Y.M.C.A. just because the YMCA is now known officially as just "the Y".

The lead singer of the original group, Victor Willis, released a statement after the US organisation announced the change.

Willis said the change will not affect the song -- or the dance that goes along with it, in which participants use their arms to make the shape of each letter.