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Teen drug trial sent forward

A YOUTH charged with storing more than €9,000 worth of heroin has been served with a book of evidence.

The then 17-year-old has been charged with possessing heroin and cocaine for sale or supply. Garda Andrew Lyons said it was alleged that heroin worth €9,228 was recovered, as well as a small quantity of cocaine. He also told the court that €2,000 in cash was found.

Judge Clare Leonard held that the case was too serious to be kept in the Children's Court and held it should be sent forward to the Circuit Court.

The teenager, who is on bail, was served with a book of evidence and returned for trial at the next term of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. Legal aid was granted.

Fun park pirates go overboard

A record attempt for the largest gathering of pirates in the world has taken place at a fun park.

Hundreds of swash-bucklers, buccaneers and seafaring pirates descended on the Legoland near Windsor, in the south east of England, to coincide with the launch of a new attraction -- Pirates Landing.

The attempt is now being verified by Guinness World records but a spokeswoman for Legoland said: "It's looking good."

'Last supper' held on a cliff

An artist hosted a 'last supper' in a house teetering dangerously on top of a cliff in a bid to highlight issues such as the environment and politics.

Kane Cunningham (48) invited 12 guests, including former UK minister Clare Short, to the dinner at the house in North Yorkshire, which he said has a "finite life span" and could collapse over the edge of the cliff any time.

He bought the property in December last year and said he decided to use it as a venue for the event as it encapsulates many of society's desires but also highlights its failings.