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Teen died from head injuries escaping gardai

An 18-year-old who died after fleeing from gardai when a senior officer’s house was attacked is believed to have suffered fatal head injuries.

Jamie Ducey, from Dungarvan, Co Waterford, died 
following the incident on the Clonea Road area of Abbeyside outside Dungarvan after 
midnight yesterday.

Last night, sources told

They think he may have struck rocks in the stream when he fell.

Three of Mr Ducey’s close friends remained in garda custody last night.

They were being questioned about the incident in which local Superintendent Michael Leacy received head injuries after a bottle was thrown at his head.

He required seven stitches to the wound when he was briefly hospitalised after the attack.

Supt Leacy suffered the injury when he attempted to chase after Mr Ducey and his friends after they had thrown bottles into the senior garda’s house, as well as a number of neighbouring properties.

Mr Ducey’s body was found in a stream at the bottom of a railings.

With help from a coastguard helicopter, a second suspect was spotted in undergrowth in the White Strand area and was detained for questioning.

Two other suspects were arrested nearby and they were taken to Dungarvan station for questioning. All three are aged between 16 and 19.

The case is being investigated by the Garda Siochana Ombudsman (GSOC) because of the death of Mr Ducey.

Last night, a GSOC spokesperson said that they were seeking witnesses from the Abbeyside area of Dungarvan, namely the White Strand, Seapark, Clonea Road and Sallybrook areas to come forward.

Yesterday, Mr Ducey’s heartbroken uncle Mattie told

“We’re still waiting to hear the results from the post-mortem, but it’s a massive shock to us.”

Mr Ducey lived with his mother Lisa in the town.

“He loved music and football like any lad, and Liverpool was his team,” said Mattie. “He was doing a course in sports and recreation.”

Eye-witness Gareth Higgins said he woke at 2.15am yesterday to the noise of a coastguard helicopter hovering above his house in Abbeyside.

“I didn’t know what was happening, at first I thought it might be a rescue, but then I went up to the road and saw a garda van flying up the road,” he told

“I could see about 20 coastguard guys and two garda vans, as well as a fire brigade, and they were searching a marshy area behind our houses.”


Neighbours of Supt Leacy spoke of their shock at the incident, with one man expressing the hope that it was random rather than a deliberate targeting of the dormer bungalow in the quiet leafy suburb.

“We’re just hoping it’s random rather than something deliberate because of his work,” one local said.

The garda “is highly respected here in the community and the neighbourhood and is a man of the utmost integrity and Dungarvan’s a better place for him being here”, the local said.

Last night, senior sources told

A post-mortem took place on Mr Ducey’s body yesterday evening at Waterford Regional Hospital.



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