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Teen crime gang behind €80k raids busted by gardai

A TEENAGE gang responsible for up to 60 burglaries has been busted by a special garda operation.

The "highly active" thieves have stolen more than €80,000 worth of phones, computers, and jewellery from homes in west Dublin in recent months.

The young ringleader of the crew and his right-hand man have been arrested and gardai hope to charge them with multiple counts of burglary after building a detailed case against them.

A source said: "This is a great result for gardai from Blanchardstown Station. These fellas had been highly active and very good at what they were doing. They are young but operate like professionals.

"They have been out every night of the week – mostly on foot. They seem to know the entire back garden network in the Dublin 15 area and their modus operandi has been to break in through windows and doors before ransacking the houses."

Gardai have established that the arrested men are part of a four-man gang who have been responsible for a crimewave in the Tyrellstown, Castleknock and Clonsilla areas.

In particular they have been targeting properties in the Castlecurragh and Lambourn estates in west Dublin and are thought to have stolen in excess of €80,000 worth of items.

Sources say that they have also expanded their operations into Finglas and other areas of north Dublin including Glasnevin and the North Circular Road.


The focus of the detailed operation will now move onto catching the other two "active" gang members and a number of "fixers" who the gang have been selling their stolen goods to.

A source said: "It is important that the fixers are picked up too. These fellas have been receiving stolen goods and selling it on to unscrupulous or unsuspecting members of the public. The fixers are key to the entire organised burglary enterprise.

Sources have revealed that things began to unravel for the gang when its ringleader was kicked out of a house where he had been staying that is owned by the father of one of his associates.

Earlier this month, gardai revealed that almost 7,000 people had been arrested during the past 18 months under Operation Fiacla, which was set up to target criminals involved in burglaries across Ireland.

Almost 4,000 people have been charged and brought before the courts.