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Teen cousins deny jewel raid

TWO teenage cousins aged 14 and 17 have denied stealing €2,000 worth of jewellery during a house burglary.

The pair are accused of taking part in a burglary at Mulvey Park in Dundrum on January 18 last.

The pair, from Tallaght, are contesting the charge.

A judge remanded them on bail to a hearing at the Dublin Children's Court in July.

It was alleged the two boys and one of their uncles, who was not before the court, were stopped in a car which had jewellery worth €2,000 and €400 in cash in it.

Why Daleks are so scary

An academic claims to have solved one of television's most enduring questions -- just why are the Daleks so scary?

Dr Robin Bunce said the fear inspired by the creatures is nothing to do with their robotic cries of "exterminate", but because we are worried we might become like them.

The Cambridge University academic said: "The reason the Daleks are evil is because we recognise that they were once better. They are the nightmare future we dread."

The Daleks retreated into their metal shells after a war and lost their emotions, becoming more like machines than living things.

Air traffic man 'watched film'

AN air traffic controller has been suspended for watching a film when he was supposed to be monitoring aircraft.

The controller was watching the 2007 crime thriller Cleaner, starring Samuel L Jackson, on a DVD player, the US Federal Aviation Administration said.

HIs microphone was inadvertently activated, briefly transmitting the soundtrack to all the planes in his airspace.

Other air traffic controllers in the US are being probed for falling asleep on the job.

TV host Les is new dad at 57

Les Dennis has become a father for the third time.

Thomas Christopher, who was born weighing 9lb 3oz, is the 57-year-old comedian's second child with wife Claire (40).

The former Family Fortunes host has a daughter, Eleanor, who turns three on Easter Sunday.

Dennis also has a son, Philip, now 31, from his first marriage to Lynne Webster.