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Teen caught in chess cheat row is banned

A DUBLIN teen caught cheating during the 2013 Cork chess congress by using a computer in a toilet was banned for four months.

The 16 year old – who cannot be named as he is a minor – was caught by Romanian chess player, Gabriel Mirza, who had become suspicious about his repeated absences to go to the bathroom.

An Irish Chess Union (ICU) probe into the allegations was conducted and the teen admitted the matter.

In a statement, the ICU said an independent disciplinary board had imposed a four month tournament ban.

However, ICU executives described the length of the ban as overly lenient but were powerless to increase it.


"The disciplinary sub-committee found that the player had indeed cheated at the tournament by consulting a programme on an electronic device outside the playing area whilst the game was in progress," an ICU report found.

The revelation came as it was confirmed three grandmasters will feature at the 2014 Cork Congress Chess Championship this week.

The event takes place after last year's championship was marred by controversy following a clash between Mr Mirza (48) and a teenage competitor over allegations of cheating.

However, Mr Mirza also received a 10-month ban from involvement at any level within the ICU after his actions were deemed to have brought the organisation into "disrepute".

The father-of-two forced in the cubicle door at the Metropole Hotel and removed the teen. The Cork organisers then intervened and gardai were called to the hotel.

Both players were subsequently dismissed from the tournament.

The final ICU report on the matter was prepared last week and it imposed a suspension on Mr Mirza.