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Teen attacked social worker

A YOUNG woman been spared a criminal conviction and a custodial sentence for attacking a social worker.

The then 17-year-old was having a meeting with her probation officer and lashed out when she became angry at a social worker who was also present, Dublin Children's Court was told.

The teen, now aged 18, has pleaded guilty to the assault which took place in her bedroom at a Dublin care home on May 19, 2008, and her case had been adjourned until yesterday.

Judge Bryan Smyth noted that a probation report on the girl was not entirely positive but also heard the teen was willing to continue to accept help from social services.

Blasphemy row

cartoonist flees

A Seattle cartoonist who stirred up a religious storm with a tongue-in-cheek encouragement to draw images of Mohammed has gone into hiding after a threat to her safety.

According to Seattle Weekly, which originally published an illustration by cartoonist Molly Norris entitled Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, Norris was told by the FBI to "go ghost."

Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born Muslim cleric linked to al-Qa'ida and thought to be hiding in Yemen, has said on a website that social satirist Norris is a "prime target."

Soccer's Defoe

faces sentence

Soccer star Jermain Defoe was due to be sentenced today after admitting using a hand-held mobile phone while driving a Range Rover.

The Tottenham and England striker entered a written guilty plea at a hearing in August.

A court was told that Defoe (27) of Cuffley, Hertfordshire, used the phone while driving in Loughton, Essex, in October 2009.

Teens held over kangaroo death

Three Australian teenagers are being investigated by police after reports a kangaroo was beaten and killed while they were at a school camp.

Torquay College principal Pam Kinsman said the students were immediately suspended after a teacher reported that a kangaroo had been beaten to death with a metal pole.

Police have already cautioned one student.