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Teen (17) stole pupils' money

A TEENAGE mugger, who targeted schoolchildren in Blackrock, south Dublin, for their dinner money so he could buy drugs, has been given a six-month suspended sentence.

The 17-year-old boy had pleaded guilty to robbery charges at the Dublin Children's Court.

The teenager, who lives in Dublin with his father, had previously been ordered to co-operate with a probation officer. Mental health counselling had also been sought for the youth to assist him in his future.

The teenager had not continued to re-offend and a positive pre-sentence probation report on him was furnished to the court yesterday. Judge Ann Ryan suspended the sentenced on condition the youth does not re-offend within the next year.

Reverend used union for fraud

A Pentecostal reverend has been banned from working in financial services after using the credit union he founded in London to issue fraudulent loans worth £1.2m (?1.5m).

Rev Carmel Jones, director of the Pentecostal Credit Union, issued loans under its members' names -- in one case without their knowledge -- and channelled the funds to an unnamed church organisation.

London Tower keys stolen

Officials from the Tower of London have been forced to change some of their locks after a set of keys was stolen.

Police have launched an investigation after an intruder managed to break in and steal the keys from the grounds of the famous London landmark.

Tower chiefs insisted that the Crown Jewels were never at risk of being stolen but admitted security procedures "were not carried out to the expected standard".

Porn stars shun condom law

Actors in the US porn capital of Los Angeles County have ignored a new law ordering them to use condoms when filming sex scenes.

One of the industry's biggest stars, James Deen, reported for work, condom-free as usual, just hours after the law was approved.

It will not take effect until election results are certified.