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Ted star Frank all heart when it comes to drink


Actor Frank Kelly.

Actor Frank Kelly.

Actor Frank Kelly.

THE actor who played a constantly inebriated priest in 
Father Ted says people do not need to be drunk to enjoy a drink.

Irish Heart Month kicks off in September and Frank Kelly spoke yesterday to remind the public that "the heart can't drink like you can".

"I don't like extremism; I don't think you need to be a drunk to enjoy a drink.

"When I was a student in college there was always that guy who was headed in that direction.

"We would have one or two drinks in a pub and we'd be looking for a party, but he'd always be concerned if there would be a further supply, and we didn't give a damn, we were looking for the girls then," Mr Kelly added.


"Colleagues of mine, fellow students have had drinking problems and various kinds of issues and I've seen a lot careers ruined by drink, but I'm not joining them," he said.

When asked if he ever had a drinking problem, he replied: "No, I didn't really. My wife and I like a drink at the fire, we like a gin and tonic. We don't need two bottles though."

"If you're in front of the public the whole time and you're using your body, voice and mind it's going to become obvious that you're a drunk," he said.

The renowned actor said there are major differences between the availibility of alcohol today from previous decades.

"Cheap packs in supermarkets makes drink very accessible now and that wasn't around when I was a student.

"Girls drinking didn't exist when I was a student, but now they're drinking dainty little drinks that are very strong and it's a new problem I've observed, young girls, quite drunk," he added.

Heart transplant survivor and former maitre D at the Four Seasons hotel, John Healy, was also at the launch of Irish Heart Foundation's (IFH) 'Say When Sooner' campaign yesterday.

He suffered his first heart attack in 2007, followed by a second two years later, before finally getting a life saving transplant in 2011.