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BAMBOO is being grown in Dublin to be made into material by Swedish company Snickers Workwear.

The innovative work clothing range will use the plant's nano-carbons, as thanks to global warming, Ireland's climate is perfect for growing the plant.

The company's Irish arm has bought several fields close to its headquarters in Ballymount, Co Dublin.

Snickers Workwear Ireland managing director David Macken said that "nano-fabrics" will soon become widely available.

"People seem bamboozled by our move into eco-farming, but it is to become just another part of our extensive research and development process," he said.

"Bamboo nano-fabrics are the materials of the future, so we need to ensure we have our own supply."

And any surplus bamboo will be given to Dublin Zoo for its red pandas, Beijing and Bamboo.

Nano-carbons are being investigated as materials for use in outer space, such as the construction of Nasa's Mars Phoenix spacecraft and also for the proposed Space Elevator.

Demand for bamboo has boomed recently, mostly as a result of bamboo carbon, a very strong lightweight material that has started to feature in practical uses such as workwear.

The announcement from Snickers coincides with the launch of its range of summer wear that features a high-tech Active Vaporise System, which is made using nano-technology where bamboo carbon is ground down to one millionth of a millimetre.