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Teachers gave pro-life leaflets out in classes

CHILDREN at a South Dublin primary school were given anti-abortion literature by teachers to take home.

Pupils at the Harold School in Glasthule, South Dublin, were told to put the material in their schoolbags and take it home.

It's understood that a senior official connected to the school handed hundreds of pro-life leaflets to the principal and requested they be given to each pupil.

The principal is believed to have placed the literature in the teachers' pigeons holes, which is a matter of course when there is literature to be dispensed to schoolchildren.

It is not clear whether the principal knew what was in the leaflets.

Three teachers, two of them women, handed the material out to the children in their classrooms – the rest of the teachers discarded the leaflets.

Furious parents demanded a meeting with the school which took place last Thursday.

There were heated scenes at the meeting, according to sources, as parents demanded to know why such material was given to their children.


It's understood that the official responsible for the material attended the meeting and apologised for his actions.

However a number of parents are understood to be likely to demand the individual's resignation.

"The bottom line is children were given highly politicised anti-abortion material and told to put it in their school bags to bring home.

"That is absolutely outrageous and should not ever happen," one parent said.

It's believed that up to 90 children may have taken the material home.

The Harold School is a mixed national school in Glasthule.

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