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Teacher living in Spain 'owes bank here €18k'

an Irish schoolteacher working and living on the Costa del Sol for the last five years while renting out her Dublin apartment for €800 a month owes her bank €18,000 in rent arrears, the Circuit Civil Court heard yesterday.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane was told that Audrey Spearing, of Guadalmina, San Pedro, Malaga, had not paid any of the €800 rent payments towards her Permanent TSB mortgage since April last.

Barrister Tomas Keys, counsel for the bank, formerly Irish Life and Permanent, said there was now an outstanding liability of €274,555 against Ms Spearing's Adamstown Avenue, Co Dublin, apartment which the bank believed to be in negative equity.


Mr Keys said the County Registrar had granted the bank possession of Spearing's Adamstown property but had put a stay on the order to allow Ms Spearing make personal representations to the court. She had not attended but had sent a friend to a previous hearing.

Spearing, who represented herself yesterday, arrived late for the case and hurried into the Four Courts complex in stocking feet, carrying her high heeled shoes in her hand.

In court she told Judge Linnane she was a sports and physical training teacher in Spain but had lost her job only a couple of months ago.

Prior to that she had been sending home up to €600 a month to meet the difference between the rental income from the apartment and the €1,400 monthly mortgage repayment to the bank.

Judge Linnane told her she had not paid anything towards the mortgage since April last.


The court had been led to believe the rent was being lodged towards the monthly repayments but this had not been the case. Arrears would become unmanageable if not addressed.

Spearing, who had previously refused to accept court documents, told the judge she hoped to save her apartment from possession and re-sale as she might like to one day return to Ireland.

She agreed to a meeting with bank representatives.

Judge Linnane told Ms Spearing she would leave the order for possession in being, but would extend the stay of execution until mid-January next to allow her deal with the problem.

In the meantime she should pay the €800 monthly rent on her property to the bank.