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Teacher dealt drugs due to chaos in her life

HE said the gardai got a smell of cannabis from the car and carried out a drugs search. Sgt Jones said the gardai found 50g of herbal cannabis with a total value of €500.

Sgt Jones said Smith has five previous convictions.

At District Court 52 on July 15, 2010, she had been banned from driving for 12 months for drunken driving.

Judge Hamill commented that Smith would have been banned from driving at the time of the offence. He asked if Smith was facing any charges for that. Sgt Jones said she wasn't.

Smith's counsel said his client was going through "a chaotic stage in her life" at the time of the offence. He added: "She doesn't have 100pc recall of the incident. She was on heavy medication."

He said that a friend of Smith had lent her the Land Rover.

Judge Hamill expressed his surprise that a friend would lend Smith a car when she was banned from driving.

Counsel said that Smith and a friend had bought the drugs.

He said that Smith works as a teacher with children.

Judge Hamill adjourned the case to a date earlier this week.

Following this appearance, Smith was further remanded on bail for separate date next month.