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TDs get fitness training from gym instructor


Finian McGrath

Finian McGrath

A fitness instructor is to give classes to Dail deputies

A fitness instructor is to give classes to Dail deputies


Finian McGrath

TDs will be able to fight any flab they put on over Christmas - thanks to the services of a fitness trainer.

A tender has been put out by Oireachtas authorities for a fitness instructor.

There is a gym within Leinster House where TDs, senators and staff from the Houses of the Oireachtas can keep in shape, without having to leave the confines of the Dail.

The tender has been issued for the provision of 'professional on-site fitness instructor services to operate and manage the Oireachtas fitness room'.

The fitness instructor will be expected to assess the fitness needs of politicians, and develop personalised training programmes for elected representatives at the taxpayers' expense.

There is a firm in place which runs the fitness centre's services at present.

However, the Houses of the Oireachtas have not released details of how much the company is paid for the service, as a tender process is underway.

All Oireachtas members and staff on the payroll are entitled to use the fitness room free of charge.

The potential number of users of the facility, counting all staff and members, is approximately 900.

"Between 12 and 15 users can comfortably use the room at any time and the average number of users on a monthly basis is approximately 401," according to a spokesman for the Oireachtas.

The tender states that the fitness instructor service needs to be provided for 27-and-a-half hours a week when the Dail is sitting.

This falls to 18-and-a-half hours a week when the Dail is on holidays.

"For health and safety reasons, a minimum of one person is required to be present during opening hours," according to a spokesman.

Prospective applicants will have to commit to being on site in the fitness room at all times during opening hours the tender states.


"It will require general operational management of the gym while also providing advice on and working closely with the contracting authority to ensure a sustainable quality service is developed and maintained for all gym users," it said.

The successful tenderer will have to assess the training needs of new fitness room users, and conduct induction courses and develop suitable personalised training programmes for all users.

But Dublin TD Finian McGrath criticised the spend, saying that he gets his exercise by pounding the pavements.

"The way I lose weight is by running around my constituency doing my work," he said.

It is estimated that the Oireachtas is willing to spend at least €25,000 on the service.