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TD Murphy leaves Socialist Party to start new group


Paul Murphy TD has split from the Socialist Party

Paul Murphy TD has split from the Socialist Party

Paul Murphy TD has split from the Socialist Party

Left-wing TD Paul Murphy has quit the Socialist Party and plans to launch a new political grouping next week.

The Dublin South-West TD's surprise departure from the Socialist Party and its Solidarity offshoot marks a further fracture in left-wing politics.

It comes amid disagreement in the Socialist Party over the extent to which it should work with other left-leaning parties such as Sinn Fein and the Greens, as well as broader left-wing campaigns.

Mr Murphy favours working more closely with these parties and movements, but this is opposed by the majority of Socialist/Solidarity members.

Mr Murphy will announce plans on Monday for a new socialist grouping that will remain part of the Solidarity- People Before Profit grouping in the Dail, but aims to work more closely with other left-wing parties.


He insisted that his relationship with the two other Socialist/Solidarity TDs - Ruth Coppinger and Mick Barry - remains "amicable and co-operative" and he will continue to work with the Solidarity-PBP group.

The group includes PBP TDs Brid Smith, Gino Kenny and Richard Boyd-Barrett.

"After an extensive debate within the Socialist Party, a group of members, including me, have decided to leave and intend to launch a new socialist group," he said.

"When we decided to leave, the party accepted that and we all aim to have an amicable and co-operative relationship in the future in the interests of working class people."

Several Socialist/Solidarity activists, but no elected representatives, will join Mr Murphy in his new grouping.

He was first elected to the Dail five years ago off the back of the anti-water charges campaign.