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TD 'mortified' after 'slug in butter' posting


Regina Doherty,Fine Gael deputy for Meath East

Regina Doherty,Fine Gael deputy for Meath East

Regina Doherty,Fine Gael deputy for Meath East

FINE Gael TD Regina Doherty said she is "mortified" after posting that she likes to "slide around the kitchen floor like a slug" while covered in butter - but it was all in the name of a worthy charity.

The politician raised quite a few eyebrows when she posted the lengthy status on Facebook about her preferences for covering herself in butter.

Her status on the social networking site read: "I know nobody will read my status but sometimes, when I'm bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I'm a slug."


Ms Doherty said she was inundated with calls from friends who belived her account had been hacked.

But the TD explained that the bizarre status update at the weekend was all in the name of a good cause.

The Meath East deputy outlined that her social media status was actually part of a clever marketing campaign to raise awareness of charity - and not a bizarre revelation of an unusual hobby.

Ms Doherty said she simply posted the message online in order to draw attention to Breast Cancer Awareness.

"I hope I didn't offend anybody, and thanks to all my lovely friends who texted me to tell me I'd been hacked (obviously I'm so boring I wouldn't post something like that myself!)," she said.

"I was very happy to support The Irish Cancer Society campaign to extend Breast Check.


"It is part of a campaign to get people's attention so we can tell you it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month - an issue close to my heart," she added. "So spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness and support your local slug!"

And Ms Doherty insisted that she does not lather herself with butter when she is bored in the evenings.

"I'm mortified I posted that, but if it raises awareness, then all the better," she said.

The Irish Cancer Society is lobbying the government to extend Breast Check which would cost the State just €3m.

"A lousy €3m would save 87 lives," Ms Doherty added.