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TD is hurt in city bike accident

A TD was 'saddled' with minor injuries when he was thrown over the handlebars of his bicycle near Dail Eireann in Dublin.

Deputy Peadar Toibin was cycling along Parliament Street when a car door opened in front of him, sending him head over heels onto the road.

Luckily, the Meath TD escaped with cuts and bruises after the incident which occurred during rush hour traffic at 8.45am last Thursday.

His bicycle was also damaged in the accident which he laughed off saying: "Anyone want to buy a mangled basket or modern art exhibit?"

The Meath West TD usually parks on the outskirts of the city and cycles to the Dail "for exercise and a way to beat the traffic".

"I was cycling down Parliament Street and there were a number of cars stopped at traffic lights," he said.

"As I was cycling past, the passenger of a taxi opened his door to get out. I pulled both brakes as hard as I could but couldn't stop in time."

Deputy Toibin is now calling on all councils to "stop putting people's lives in danger and create separate cycle paths."