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Taylor shares a few tips about the men in her life with Florence

Florence Welch got relationship advice from American songstress Taylor Swift, who is well known for her string of A-list ex-boyfriends.

The Florence And The Machine frontwoman turned to Swift for help after her "complicated on-off relationship" left her in "a sea of tears and confusion", she told the Sunday Times magazine.

She spoke to Swift, who is reportedly dating DJ Calvin Harris and whose former flames include One Direction star Harry Styles and American singer John Mayer, after the Met Gala - the star-studded fashion fundraiser.

Welch (28) told the magazine: "I know it sounds a cliche, but she's good to talk to about boys. She knows her stuff."

The Londoner revealed she was with a group of celebrity A-listers at 25-year-old Swift's apartment when she turned to them for help with boy trouble.

She said: "Lena Dunham was there, and Spike Jonze and Reese Witherspoon and Zooey Deschanel, eating pizza, talking about boys. I'd already asked loads of taxi drivers and everyone else I'd met (for advice) so I thought why not Taylor Swift and Spike Jonze too?"


The singer opened up about feeling low as she struggled with boy trouble, and revealed she is now dating someone new - a fashion photographer she met in her local park.

Swift is well known for penning songs about her former boyfriends.