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Taxi fares up 4pc as day of action begins





TAXI fares are being hiked by an average of 4pc from today ahead of the 48-hour bus strike.

The move was announced by the National Transport Authority in December but the timing couldn't be worse for hard-pressed commuters who will be struggling to get to work and school amid industrial action by bus drivers.

Many bus users who do not have the option to walk, cycle, or live on an appropriate Dart or private coach route have planned to get a taxi to their destination and they'll now pay more for their journey.


Taxi passengers will be charged more per kilometre.

Journeys between 8am and 8pm will see a €1.10 rate, up from €1.03 per kilometre, while premium period rates - which kick in after 8pm - are up to €1.40 from €1.35.

The premium rate for journeys of more than 15km goes up to €1.75 from €1.57 per kilometre.

The initial charge added to the cost at the beginning of the journey will be reduced from €4.10 to €3.60 with the equivalent premium period charge being set at €4.

Booking fees and charges for additional carried passengers will remain the same.

The NTA said that a 4pc increase in fares was recommended in 2012 but that they weren't introduced at that time.

Today's fare hike is the first since 2008 when an 8.3pc increase was brought in.

The 2014 review that resulted in the increase included consumer and driver surveys and benchmarking with fares in other countries.

It identified an increase in the cost of taxi operation since 2010, an NTA statement said.