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Taxi driver's widow weeps over loss of her soulmate

THE devastated wife of taxi driver Moses Ayanwole broke down in tears today as she pleaded: "I want my husband, I want him please."

The 41-year-old father died after being assaulted on Dublin's Pearse Street in a row over a taxi fare.

The Nigerian's death sent shockwaves through the city, with gardai hopeful that they will secure a manslaughter charge.

Heartbroken Olusola Ayanwole broke her silence for the first time today over the loss of her "confidante, friend and soulmate".

She told the Herald: "I spent three days by his bedside in hospital, and then he was gone. It's a day I'll never forget. It's the day I lost Moses, my husband, my confidante, my helper, my soulmate. He is everything to me and my son Joshua. He's a complete gentleman.

"I always hoped he would fight hard and survive, I was praying he would get better, but unfortunately no more now.

"Who is going to look after our son? Our plans together are all gone."

Mr Ayanwole was punched in the head by a man in his taxi and fell heavily on to the ground as his car was parked on Pearse Street near the Erne Street junction in the centre of the capital.

He was initially conscious after the attack but had horrendous injuries and medics put him in an induced coma in a desperate attempt to keep him alive.

A 25-year-old man who is the chief suspect in the case was released from garda custody last week after being picked up by detectives less than 24 hours after the assault.

Speaking from her semi-detached home in Clonsilla, West Dublin, a tearful Olusola told the Herald that the "hardest part" was that her son Joshua (12) never had the opportunity to say goodbye to his father.

"He really misses his dad, but what can he do now?

"They were best friends. They were so close, he doesn't want to accept the reality."