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Taxi driver who drove into family left suicide note


 Elber and Con Twomey with baby Oisin. Photo: Garda Press Office

Elber and Con Twomey with baby Oisin. Photo: Garda Press Office

Elber and Con Twomey with baby Oisin. Photo: Garda Press Office

A POLISH taxi driver drove into the car of an Irish family on holidays in the UK, killing three of them, just minutes after writing a four-page suicide note.

The revelation came as the heartbroken Irish family said they are still dealing with the effects of the crash in Devon on July 6, 2012.

A Devon inquest yesterday into the death of a baby boy heard details of father-of-two Marek Wojciechowski's final movements before he smashed into the car of the Cork-based Twomey family.

Last May, Con Twomey (39) died 10 months after suffering horrific injuries when his family's Volkswagen Golf was hit by Mr Wojciechowski (26) outside Torquay.



Con, a talented Meelin hurler, died after failing to recover from head, neck and chest injuries sustained in the crash while on holiday with his wife, Elber (37), son Oisin and unborn baby.

His wife is now the only survivor of the horrific collision.

The couple's child, Oisin (16 months), died shortly after the collision. Elber's unborn child, Elber Marie, could not be saved despite emergency surgery in Derriford Hospital.

She was due to have been born last December.

Elber, a highly respected teacher in north Cork, suffered severe back and pelvic injuries in the crash and it was several weeks before she could be informed of the scale of the tragedy. Her injuries were so severe she has been unable to return to work as a teacher in a Newmarket school.

Relatives said the family remain "absolutely heartbroken" over the tragedy.

Con had chosen a driving holiday in the UK as he believed it would be safer for Elber and their unborn child than a flight to a sun destination.

The inquest heard that Mr Wojciechowski had left a four-page suicide note.

In an interview with Devon police after the collision, his distraught wife said she felt responsible. Agnieszka Wojciechowski told police her husband was not handling his personal problems.



The couple had agreed to separate after a series of arguments and mounting financial problems. When Mrs Wojciechowski found the suicide note on July 6, she contacted a friend.

Police were then notified.

The couple both worked at a hotel in Torquay. Mr Wojciechowski had only started driving a taxi three weeks before the fatal collision.

The Twomey family were on the final day of their UK holiday when Mr Wojciechowski drove into their car at 2.47pm outside Torquay.

A Hamelin Way fund was set up by people in Torbay and raised more than €5,000 (£3,600).

A jury of 10 people were sworn in by coroner Ian Arrow in the inquest which is expected to last a week. The inquest will also deal with Marek Wojciechowski.