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Taxi driver tells of terror as bank robbers hijack cabbie at gunpoint

A taxi driver has told of the terrifying moment two armed raiders hijacked a taxi in the middle of a busy city centre street.

The robbers had moments earlier held up a city centre bank at gunpoint.

The robbery happened at 11.40am at the busy Bank of Ireland on College Green on Thursday morning when the men ran into the foreign exchange department brandishing a handgun and a sawn-off shotgun.

But events took a bizarre turn when the duo then fled with a bag of cash and took to the streets on foot. After leaving the bank through a side entrance they ran on to College Green, down Fleet Street, and through the Princess Street laneway that links it to Aston Quay.

A taxi driver today told the Herald the sequence of events that happened next.

"I was the second car on the rank, and I just saw these two men run across the road and jump into the car in front of mine," he said.


"The taller of the two jumped into the passenger seat. The second guy was carrying a black holdall, and he opened the back door behind the driver, threw the bag in onto the seat, and then got in himself." At that point the car was driven away down the quays.

The taxi driver who unwittingly acted as getaway driver had a gun put to his head a short distance from the quays and was forced out of the car, which was later found abandoned in Inchicore.