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Taxi driver had address of thief who stole phone

ONE of Dublin's dumbest criminals stole a mobile phone from a taxi driver who had his name and address after picking him up at his home and dropping him to a nightclub.

Keith Nolan (26) told gardai that the mobile phone "fell into his jeans pocket", a court heard.

Taxi driver Michael Finlay said he noticed the phone was missing a few minutes after Nolan got out of the front seat of his taxi.

Mr Finlay rang the gardai and he was able to give them the culprit's name and address, as he had picked him up at his home in Ballyboden about half an hour previously.

A judge said Nolan's behaviour was obviously "spontaneous" and she ordered him to complete 50 hours community service in lieu of two months in prison.

The defendant, of Moyville, Ballyboden, was found guilty before Dun Laoghaire District Court to stealing a Nokia mobile phone worth €340.

Mr Finlay said he collected Nolan and three others from his house and brought them to Parker Browns nightclub. He said Nolan sat in the front of the car.

The court heard that Mr Finlay's mobile was charging in the console between the two front seats, and Nolan asked if he could recharge his phone.


Mr Finlay said he dropped the group off at the nightclub, and he had gone 200 yards when he realised that Nolan had taken his phone.

Out-of-work carpenter Nolan claimed the phone was on the car seat and that he put it into his pocket as he thought he'd found a phone.

Defence lawyer Rory Staines said Nolan's behaviour was very foolish as he had given his name and address to the taxi driver.