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Tax office in jobs boost

THE Office of the Revenue Commissioners is recruiting more staff to boost its tax evasion investigation services.

Up to 200 posts are currently being filled at the Commissioners, with some of the salaries reaching as much as €103,472.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has agreed to suspend the moratorium on the filling of posts in the public sector after the Revenue made a business case "based on the need to ensure continuing effective tax collection and compliance", the spokeswoman said.

The posts include "a small number" of posts at principal and assistant principal level.

Principal officers are paid between €84,132 and €103,472 while assistant principal officers are paid between €65,185 and €75,934.

The Revenue Commissioners yielded almost €120m in tax, interest and penalties from its audit and investigation programmes in the final three months of 2009, taking its total haul for the year to €601.8m.

Some 11 settlements totalling €9.6m relate to Revenue investigations into offshore funds and 17 settlements totalling €2.2m relate to its investigation into the use of single premium insurance products to shelter undeclared income.

Revenue investigators collected a total of €632m from defaulters in 2008 and €734m in 2007.

Separately, CPSU members yesterday closed public counters in the Revenue Commissioners, but it was not clear whether further action was planned for the rest of the week.