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Tax move could save up to €27m

at least €27m can be saved providing motor-tax renewal at post offices, unions have said.

The Irish Postmasters' Union (IPU) has encouraged the Government to support this reform in the October Budget. The reform would save taxpayers' money and bring additional business to Post Offices.

IPU president Ciaran McEntee said that motor tax renewal was the single most 
obvious and beneficial 
additional government 
service that could be 
delivered through post offices.

Subway drunk stabs three

Police said a drunken passenger has stabbed three men on a subway platform in New York.

The fight started when an intoxicated man named Ivan DeLeon bumped into a child while exiting the train. The 38-year-old DeLeon stabbed one man in the chest, one in the arm and one in the stomach.

The man who was stabbed in the chest is in critical but stable condition. The other two suffered less serious injuries.

Skate-boarding star dies at 53

Jay Adams, the colourful rebel who helped transform skateboarding into one of the world's most spectacular sports, has died of a heart attack.

Adams (53) - one of the sport's most iconic figures - died on a surfing holiday in Mexico with his wife and friends.

"He was like the original viral spore that created skateboarding," fellow skateboarder Stacy Peralta said. "He was it."

Is this sweetest job in world?

Is there a doctor of chocolate in the house?

Cambridge University in England is seeking a doctoral student to pursue what sounds like the sweetest job in the world: studying the fundamentals of chocolate.

The research goal, according to the job description, is to identify ways of keeping chocolate-based food from melting in warm climates. That's a challenge given that even the best chocolate starts going soft around 34C.