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Tax chiefs net €145m in court victories

THE Revenue Commissioners have netted €145m in nearly 5,000 consumer and commercial court judgments in the past two years, new analysis reveals.

Figures compiled by the business information and risk agency Vision.net.ie for 2009, 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, show that:

  • In 2009, Revenue got €67m from 2,590 court judgments (1,756 consumer cases yielded €47m and 834 commercial cases gave up €20m).

  • In 2010, Revenue won over €78m from 2,356 court judgments (1,620 consumer cases, yielding €53m, and 736 classed as commercial with a yield of €25m),

  • In Q1 2011, Revenue has so far got more than €20m from 437 judgments (305 consumer cases yielded €14.6m and 132 commercial cases yielded €5.6m).

"It's clear that Revenue is becoming far less lenient on default payers," Christine Cullen, managing director of Vision.net.ie said.

"They are not alone in this regard, but they are among the highest," she said.

"The quantity and amounts of the settlements are also increasing.

"These trends signal a shift in the behaviour of creditors who are far less tolerant of people and businesses who are withholding payment," Ms Cullen added.


Revenue, launching its 2010 results, said net tax and duty receipts for 2010, at €31.9bn, were 2.25pc ahead of targets.

However, chairman, Commissioner Josephine Feehily said: "The bad news for the country is that these were levels of receipts last seen in 2003."

"Total outstanding tax debt actually fell by 1.6pc to €2.08bn but still remains high and the debt available for collection fell by almost 3.8pc to €1.39bn," she said.

She also said that non-compliance was an ever-present challenge for Revenue administrations, "but in periods of recession this challenge grows, so we have to be active and we have to make our presence felt".