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Tara's Raw talent takes her from working on TV with Jamie Dornan to silver screen stardom

THIS year has seen an incredible, meteoric rise in the fortunes of Dublin native Tara Lee.

Tara (20) has been working on her music since starring in RTE's Raw but will first appear on our screens in BBC drama The Fall, opposite Fifty Shades star, Jamie Dornan.

And the actress has lined up a role in a new Irish film called A Date for Mad Mary where she combines both of her talents.

Tara said that she was keen to hone her musical skills but she couldn't turn down great parts in a number of shows.

"For the year after Raw ended I focused mainly on my music," Tara told the Diary.

"I got two great managers, released my debut EP and played some great gigs in The Academy and The Olympia," she said.


"I was lucky enough to be invited to Musexpo in Hollywood to perform for Diane Warren - someone I've always admired.

"I'm also back and forth to London, writing and producing with some musical geniuses, and there should be some more news on that front soon," she added.

Tara said that she feels 2014 has been a huge turning point for her career.

"This year I've been really fortunate to have been cast in some great acting roles," Tara said.

"I finished filming for BBC's The Fall a couple of months back, and working on the show was really incredible. I was a massive fan of season one so to even meet the crew and cast was a bit mental.

"Everyone was lovely, the material was flawless, and getting to experience Belfast for a little bit was great."

While she had to work on her Northern Irish accent for the role, working with Jamie was a highlight.

"I've never had to do an accent other than my own before and the Northern Irish one is a bit of a challenge - so it was a perfect opportunity to improve myself and work harder."

"My character, Daisy, was super fun to play. She's got that Debbie Harry vibe that I love. I had one scene with Jamie and he was lovely. Really professional, super nice," she added.


The Blessington native is currently filming A Date for Mad Mary starring Denise McCormack, Chris Newman and Norma Sheehan.

"I begin filming for my first feature film last Thursday," Tara said.

"I get to sing a bit, which is awesome because I get to combine my two loves."

While she's currently based in Dublin, Tara is considering a move to London or LA.

"I consider it all the time - I'd like to travel and given how much I love LA and New York, I'm sure at some stage I'll live there for a bit," she said.