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Taoiseach facing first major test

OUR newly elected leader has a momentous task ahead of him as he meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The job of trying to keep the huge election promises made in relation to renegotiating our bailout deal with Europe is now underway.

Just two days into the role and Enda Kenny is already faced with what is sure to be his biggest test. There are very high expectations vested in this trip.

We all want him to come back with good news and Enda knows this too.

It has to be shortest honeymoon of all time.

The cabinet has only been announced and the new Government must now deal with this massive burden that overshadows all our futures from over in Europe.

It is no light undertaking, to be sure, and we can only hope he stands firm and follows through.

In the meantime, we can only wish him every success.