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Tan guru Marissa back in US after big Oscars break

Glamorous Marissa Carter (pictured) was only in LA a few months ago, soaking up all the atmosphere of the Oscars.

But she's back in America again after the creator of Cocoa Brown fake tan flew over to Las Vegas for a week-long business trip.

The Diary can reveal how the ambitious businesswoman is intent on developing the brand Stateside as she continues making inroads into the beauty industry there.

She said: "I'm going over to meet with US buyers and hopefully sell Cocoa into their stores. I'm attending the largest beauty trade show in the world - Cosmoprof. Buyers from all over America come to meet with beauty brands ambassadors."

This is her second time Stateside in the past six months. The former beauty salon owner was thrilled after her brand was chosen as the tanning partner for the pre-Oscars gifting suite in the Beverley Hills Hilton. They got to tan many of the beautiful people involved in the annual event and she described it after as "one of the maddest weeks of my life."

She recently chose top model Vogue Williams as the new ambassador for her brand, saying it was an easy choice.


"I have known Vogue a long time, she was a customer of mine in Carter Beauty, so she's perfect."

Earlier this year she sold off Carter Beauty, the Blackrock salon she started ten years ago, to concentrate on her tanning range. She first started it when she was 21 and admitted it felt strange to finally move on.

"When you build a business from scratch and turn it into something that is loved, not just by you but by your customers, selling it can feel like selling out. No one can prepare you for the strange mix of feelings you experience when you sell a business," she said.

Marissa and hubbie Ronan have a son, Charlie (2).