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Talks urged on North parades

The Parades Commission has called for talks between the Orange Order and nationalist residents to help prevent violence in the North this summer.

The appeal comes ahead of the first potentially troublesome march in Belfast next week and in the wake of serious rioting and road blocks by loyalist protesters opposed to restrictions on flying the union flag at Belfast City Hall.

The commission, which was set up in 1997 to mediate and rule on proposed controversial processions, said disorder was not an inevitability.


An investigation by Amnesty International has found that children as young as 13, who were recruited by armed groups during the country's recent conflict, are now among the inmates crowding jails in Mali's capital.

Some have allegedly been tortured, the international rights group said in the report.

Amnesty's team spoke to nine children between the ages of 13 and 17 who were held along with adults at a prison in Bamako.

One youth told Amnesty that he had been strung up to the ceiling and threatened with electric shocks.



Firefighters in Colorado, US, have at least temporarily battled to a "draw" with a fast-moving fire that has already killed two people and destroyed 379 homes.

Little more than 36 hours after it started in the Black Forest area northeast of Colorado Springs, the blaze surpassed last June's Waldo Canyon fire as the most destructive in state history.

The canyon blaze burned 347 homes and killed two people.


Eastman Kodak Co says it's ending in-house production of one of the key components of camera film and cutting 61 jobs.

The company plans to shut down its acetate base manufacturing operations next week. Light-sensitive chemicals are spread on the acetate base for photographic film.

The move comes as Kodak is about to get out of the camera film business.