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Syria gangs kill 120 in uprising

Armed men killed 120 Syrian security forces and torched government buildings yesterday in a northern region where troops have unleashed deadly assaults on protesters for days.

The government vowed to respond "decisively," hinting at an even more brutal crackdown by a regime known for ruthlessly crushing dissent.

If confirmed, the attack would be a turning point in what so far has largely been a peaceful uprising threatening the 40-year rule of President Bashar Assad and his family.

The government described the attackers as "armed gangs," a phrase it often uses to describe the protesters.

Tanker spills

acid into river

Residents of east China's scenic city of Hangzhou are stocking up on bottled water after a tanker truck overturned, spilling its load of carbolic acid into the river that provides their drinking water.

Authorities said that they had temporarily shut down water plants and released extra water from a nearby dam to dilute the spill. Levels of acid near the site were over 900 times the safe drinking level.