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Sylvia Plath saved my bacon

REJOICE for me.

Plath finally reared her monoxide-infused head, a year too late I might add but still, she finally came up.

For I had taken the road less travelled (Frost wasn't up this year but I feel I should add some English culture here) by only studying three poets instead of the proper, intelligent route of studying all five.

'Ah', you say to me wagging your finger, 'After last year, Plath was guaranteed.'

And you are 100pc correct.

I took a stupid risk that could have ended badly.


However, poetry takes up a measly 50 marks overall and I made a brash decision to ignore Wordsworth (whose main themes are his sister and nature), chose my three favourite poets and offered up a silent prayer.

Bishop and Mahon also came up, leaving me with the best choice I could have asked for.

However, if it had all gone pear-shaped I would not be so happy and probably be shaking a colourfully-lettered virtual fist at the English department.

With regards to the rest of the paper it was a fairly fluid, firm paper with few surprises.

The Macbeth question centred around the complex character of Macbeth and Shakespeare's imagery.

The comparative question is always a favourite of mine.

I enjoyed my three texts (Sive, Casablanca and Wuthering Heights) and tried to sneak as many Kate Bush references into paper two as possible.

I chose the cultural context question as it seemed to have the best, clear-cut example of key words to insert into your argument.

In this case, how values and attitudes can be difficult to change in the society of your text. I was pretty delighted and riding on a high until I reached the unseen poetry section.


Although simple on the surface, I was so tired from the rest of the paper I just hashed out a few lines about pain and heartbreak and hoped the examiner would take pity.

All in all, though, I couldn't have gotten a nicer paper and it was a lovely lead-in to the most important exam in our lives.

But still, I'm done freaking myself out. I'm reserving all my nervousness for maths paper one.