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Swiss suicide laws 'unclear'

THE European Court of Human Rights has found that Swiss laws on so-called passive assisted suicide are unclear and need revising to clarify when people are entitled to a medical prescription for a lethal dose of drugs.

Alda Gross, a Swiss woman in her early 80s, appealed to the Strasbourg court after she couldn't find a doctor to prescribe her a lethal dosage because she had no clinical illness. She had argued she was entitled to end her life rather than become extremely frail.

A Zurich health board denied Gross' request in 2009 and the Swiss Federal Supreme Court rejected her appeal in 2010.


A SEVEN-year-old boy received a personal response when he wrote to the vice president of the USA with some safety tips.

The student at Downtown Montessori Academy in Milwaukee wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden.

Teacher Jenny Aicher said his letter suggested that if guns shot chocolate bullets, no one would get hurt.

The boy got a surprise on Monday when Biden's handwritten response arrived.

In the note, the vice president says he agrees that chocolate bullets would make the country safer.

The note concludes: "People love chocolate. You are a good boy."


A MAN has been trampled to death by a herd of cows.

The incident happened in a field near Turleigh, in Wiltshire, England yesterday afternoon. The emergency services were called at about 12.30pm but the man – who was in his 60s – was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another man was seriously injured in the incident and airlifted to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol by the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.